Membership Benefits:

When you join us you get a highly connected network of business professionals to act as your sales team.  You’ll get:

  • Increased referrals to build your business
  • A network of people to turn to when you need specific expertise to grow your company, service your customers, or need help for yourself.
  • An opportunity for a Member Spotlight, two to three 14 minutes presentations to the group annually detailing the scope of your business and the type of referrals you want
  • Free, periodic lectures, workshops and group discussions on relevant business topics
  • Opportunities 50 weeks per year to present your ‘best self’ to interested business owners and professionals who will work on your behalf to help you gain referrals.
  • Your own business page on our website, as well as inclusion on our Membership List, which is distributed by members to other businesses and individuals

Membership Requirements:

We care about our members, and our organization.  We require your participation, professionalism and your loyalty to the membership.

  • Because we accept only one person per business category, your participation at weekly meetings is critical.
  • You cannot be a member of any other lead generation group while a member of DVBRG.  You can be a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club or other service organization.
  • You are expected to pass one qualified business referral each meeting.
  • We strongly encourage getting to know one another’s business well enough to promote and recommend them to others.  One on One (introductory) meetings are mandatory, and you must complete three within your first month as a member.
  • You must be ethical, professional and experienced in your line of work.

Apply for Membership

Download and complete this form (PDF) and send to

Please click here to view a list of open business categories eligible for membership.

Attend a Meeting

Be our guest at a weekly meeting:  Tuesday, 7 AM.  Learn more…

For More Information

For questions or concerns not addressed above, please direct inquiries to, or call  Lindsay Grady, 484-832-5206.